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“It’s rare that I’m ever thrown for a loop or that I have a hard time finding words when it comes to reviews, but Philadelphia’s Cleric appears to have done just that... The ten-minute “A Rush of Blood” is virtually impossible to describe as it twists and turns from jazzy prog tangents to skronking, dissonant expulsions, huge lurching doomage, delicate ambience and dreamy electronica... But beneath this vitriol and dissonance is a tangible talented and experimental, boundary-pushing act... ” -Erik Thomas,

“The best way I can think to describe [Regressions] is as the soundtrack playing within an insane man’s head. It has a huge amount of twists and turns, with fits of incredible rage followed by such an intense serenity you can almost forget that seconds ago you felt like you were losing your mind...It truly is a musical journey...” -E. Gray,

“The music this Philadelphia four-piece plays is a kind of metal the way Lost Highway is a kind of movie. It's an elastic tissue of creepy electronic noise and barely human screaming, impregnated with patches of riff-salad grind and hypercube mathcore. Imagine a billboard-size smear of Silly Putty pressed onto the incomprehensible infinite grid of a sinister Sunday crossword, then stretched, folded, and twisted till there isn't a single straight line left.” -Phillip Montoro, Chicago Reader

“Ultimate annihilation, the end times, post-apocalyptic Earth — these are worn-out visual clichés, but ones that apply to the devastating music of Cleric. For its full-length debut, this Philadelphia quartet specializes in demolishing tech-metal eruptions, savage math breakdowns, and grindcore blasts that give way to doom dirges, sinister atmospherics, nightmarish vocal distortions, and even the stray melody and piano line.” -ALARM Press, This Week's Best Album


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Larry Kwartowitz has been drumming since the age of 3 or 4 and has been composing and performing live music since he was a teenager. One of the founding members of the Tri State area based avant-metal band, Cleric, Larry is known for playing many styles that range from hip hop and funk to jazz and the heaviest of rock.

He attended French Woods Festival, a performing arts camp, for many years where he gained a great deal of experience playing in symphony and jazz orchestras, theater pit orchestras, rock bands as well as in drum circles and for dancers and circus performers, playing accompanying hand percussion. That combined with private lessons starting at a young age and attending a high school that specialized in music prepared Larry to pursue any musical styles he felt the ambition to.

Since Cleric's first full length album was released on Trey Spruance's label, Web of Mimicry, they have toured most of the United States and Canada and most recently have been working on thei…

Acid Jam Session (Puebla, MX)

El viernes 14 de abril de 2017, Larry Kwartowitz se presentará en Puebla, México; en la Galería Experimental Liliput, un espacio dedicado a la creación experimental independiente que cuenta con un programa de residencias para artistas de México y el mundo. La Galería se encuentra ubicada en la Diagonal 18 Sur 4563, Col San Manuel.

Acompañando al baterista del reconocido grupo de avant-metal Cleric, el trío PAK de Ron Anderson y otros proyectos, se reunirán músicos de la escena local experimental de vanguardia de la ciudad, quienes ofrecerán, al igual que Larry, showcases y actos en una noche que promete toneladas de improvisación libre, noise y el estreno de piezas preparadas especialmente para el encuentro.

Entre los músicos de amplia trayectoria en la música contemporánea mexicana, se encontrarán  Elena Castillo, Elentric

Compositora, diseñadora y creadora sonora. Mediana estatura, escorpión, zurda. Elentric surge de la experimentación desde sus inicios, tanto con plataformas digital…


Most recently Larry Kwartowitz has joined the new line-up of Ron Anderson's PAK, along with Ron on guitar and Steve Blanco on bass. After playing a live improv set with no preparation ( and where Larry had literally met Ron and Steve for the first time as he walked up onto the stage to perform, shaking hands before starting ), they have started jamming and writing new music.

The sound can be described as progressive rock mixed with funk, but slightly more non-stop and straighter to the point than Larry's other projects.

Ron Anderson formed PAK in 2000 after spending some time with The Molecules and has released four albums between 2003 and 2011. Through out the years, they have undergone numerous line-up changes, this current incarnation being the fifth... Larry is extremely excited, honored and humbled to be part of this band, to say the least.