Crash Bang Boom Podcast: Larry Kwartowitz; Cleric

For nearly 17 years drummer Larry Kwartowitz has been at the percussion-helm of Philly's avant-metal/spazzy-soundtrack/ purveyors of controlled chaos; Cleric!!

We get into the ups downs, tragedy’s and other madness of Cleric's career, stolen gear & vans, working with John Zorn & touring with Secret Chiefs 3/ releasing Retrocausal on Trey Spruance’s Web of Mimicry label, gifted drum sets, battling crohn's disease, a Pearl Jam geek out, Tomas Haake, Tim Alexander & Ken Schalk as drumming influences, recurring themes & confirmation bias, the intensity of Cleric’s music and the process of writing it, time traveling, sci-fi the origin of Cleric’s name & Larry’s obsession with the movie Equilibrium, our mutual fascination with the Mr. Bungle California tour, plus Larry’s super human ability to eat large quantities of weed edibles. Good Lawd!!!!