Most recently Larry Kwartowitz has joined the new line-up of Ron Anderson's PAK, along with Ron on guitar and Steve Blanco on bass. After playing a live improv set with no preparation ( and where Larry had literally met Ron and Steve for the first time as he walked up onto the stage to perform, shaking hands before starting ), they have started jamming and writing new music.

The sound can be described as progressive rock mixed with funk, but slightly more non-stop and straighter to the point than Larry's other projects.

Ron Anderson formed PAK in 2000 after spending some time with The Molecules and has released four albums between 2003 and 2011. Through out the years, they have undergone numerous line-up changes, this current incarnation being the fifth... Larry is extremely excited, honored and humbled to be part of this band, to say the least.

Our very first impro: